Frequently Asked Question

What software do you use to design your book covers?

All designs are created using Adobe Photoshop. If you want access to the source files, you can order those files after the design is finished.

Can I use my own images for the design?

We can incorporate your photo, drawing or sketch into your book cover design. We would need a big, high resolution (quality) file to use for the design.

Do I have to pay extra for images?

All stock images licensed by us are included with you price for the book design cover. If you would like to use an image that is not apart of our stock library, then will be an extra cost to purchase the license.

Who owns the rights to the final book cover design?

You own the rights! You retain 100% of the rights and profit from the design. We just reserve the right to share the design as a part of our portfolio and on our social media channels.